Eggy & Nia

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Everything is just so perfect ….

congratulations dear …. you are one awesome couple….

So happy to be a part of this happy family.. 🙂


Anton & Tia

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When you look at Tia.... you cannot stop looking at her eyes .... very gorgeous face,  what a gorgeous couple they
made.... looking at their pictures,
reminds me to a beautiful Japanese love
story......Congratulations Anton Tia....
both of you would beautify the world....
may your days filled with everything
gorgeous too,congratulation both of you....


Martin & Gemma

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There is so many words to describe Martin and his lovely and lively wife, Gemma…..
Too many things to say….. too small space in Facebook here…. about their love story, his incredible works, and how fun is the wedding day……
too many words to describe…..
Congrats Martin & Gemma.. You deserve it!!

Agus & Lisya

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Our gorgeous all smily couple’s wedding day ! waaaaw…. she looked stunning and he is as usual all smiley……. sooo happy to see… .congratulations dear…… hope your days filled with wine and roses …..

Robby & Nina Wedding

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Robby and Nina are having their wedding reception right at this moment…. we wish this bright, smile ear to ear , fabulous couple … a happy happy wedding and great marriage …… would love to have you around….



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